transparent barn

This contemporary take on the living barn is elegant and well crafted. The projecting glass gable sliding from under traditional thatch is a wonderful interplay of modern and traditional materials. Architect_Mass Architecten

Visit Gaudi’s first house

Gaudi’s first residential project will open to the public as a museum later this year. The house, in Barcelona, is classed as a Word Heritage Site. Casa Vicens was built as a summer home between 1883 and 1885 1 ; it was designed by the 31 -year-old Gaudí for Manel Vicens i Montaner (1836-1895), a…

meccano by mecanno

Mecanno’s take on modular furniture integrated with power and data for today’s work. workplace configuration – each unit can have a visual break made from acoustic material.

task management for design teams

A simple and, at this time, free solution for team task management is the multi-platform app, Wunderlist. See my post of impending changes with the application here. In the meantime, this app works seamlessly for teams… There are Pro and Business versions of the application but if you’re working with teams of less than 25 people,…

Communicating between teams with @trello

One of the tools I use for team collaboration and communication is Trello. Take a look at how I use this multi-platform app for business development here. They have a useful blog post on some of the tools available to achieve seamless communications, including Trello of course. Seamless team communication doesn’t just happen by divine…