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As a professional architect and a self confessed Apple geek, I have developed a number of workflows and systems to make best use of my plethora of hardware and apps and to increase my productivity.

I am my family’s “go to” for all things computer related both hardware and software and as a result I have accumulated a useful knowledge of “how to’s”, “fixes” and “workarounds.” They are my motivation to build this “tech blog” as a place for answers and processes to those repeated “how to” questions.

With this in mind I also envisage a mutual benefit of sharing what I have learnt and developed with the wider internet community, who, let’s face it, have provided me with the answers and for which I have been grateful on many a frustrated occasion.

I am an enthusiast at best and all advice offered in these pages is based on what I have found to work. There are many solutions out there in cyberspace and it would be fun to have your own comments and recommendations to improve this technology blog.



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